A resilient community is the foundation of a sustainable future

Since its founding in 1954, Nan Fung Group has been advocating for social co-creation, engaging every stakeholder in the community. Inspired by the concept of a Resilient City, “In Time Of” programme is the Group’s community initiative that connects people from all walks of life through social partnerships in sustainability, social design, and culture and arts.

Through “In Time Of”, we partner with NGOs, social enterprises and community designers to develop programmes that support the neighbourhoods in sustainable development, social well-being and inclusive growth.

Creating a socially empowered future

Rapid urbanisation in the modern world has contributed to our growing disconnection from nature. Nan Fung Group’s “In Time Of” initiative rediscovers the forgotten beauty of the environment within the community by inspiring people to craft a more sustainable future. The initiative will curate a broad range of activities including exhibitions, seminars, workshops and guided tours by collaborating with different organisations in Hong Kong. It aims to empower communities by building social capital, advocating sustainability and bridging humanity and nature.

The Core Pillars


We partner with community organisations to bring people together and create sustainable ecosystems that thrive. Through education and constant conversations, we advocate reducing environmental impact by inspiring innovation and preserving our resources.

Social Design

We partner with community designers, business partners and social enterprises to offer professional training and support for different communities. Our belief in equal and collaborative partnerships sets the tone for everything we curate, and lays the groundwork for a sustainable ecosystem that will benefit every member of our society.

Cultural and Creative Industry

We are constantly building our culture every day — it contains our stories and emotions, encapsulating the way we live. It is more than a record of our past and present; rather it is the foundation on which we base our future. Alongside community stakeholders, we curate a wide range of exhibitions, workshops, seminars and tours, tapping into their creativity to co-create a resilient way of life.

Press Release

16 Jun 2023
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03 Mar 2023
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28 Jun 2022
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11 Oct 2021
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27 Sep 2021
Episode Six of the “In Time Of” series “Playing Woodstock: Hong Kong Woodwork” invites you to learn all about wood through play
07 Sep 2021
The “In Time Of” Programme presents Episode Five “Colours of The Earth” To Explore Home-grown Natural Dyes and the Lifecycle of Agriculture in Connecting Humans and Nature

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