“By the Trees - San Po Kong” Is Now In Bookshops

“In Time Of” sponsors The House of Hong Kong Literature to launch “By the Trees – San Po Kong”, with the stories and memories collected about trees and people in San Po Kong, we are in the hope to inspire readers to explore the relationships between plant, community and human.


“By the Trees – San Po Kong” started out as a discussion on the possibility of bonding plants, community, and people through memory and creation. By writing about San Po Kong through the lens of plants, this book inspires readers to ponder the relationship between humankind and nature.

The book is divided into three chapters. Chapter One, “Sorrow and Joy Intertwined in a Vast Expanse of Trees,” consists of creative works by nine renowned writers. In their rich description, a place is given sentiments and ideals to develop a local connection and a humanistic landscape. Works in Chapter Two, “Stand Strong and Watch Trees Every Day,” were collected from an open call for submissions. These are written from the angle of local residents and students, showing a more intense sentiment of life and trees in the community. Chapter Three, “A Constant Glimmer of Light in the Deep of Memory,” contains ten interviews with local residents conducted by The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage. These interviews offer a glance into the history of San Po Kong – Kai Tak as experienced by commoners, expressing love and expectations for the neighbourhood.


  • Featuring works by nine renowned and beloved writers, including CHAN Chi Tak, Matthew Cheng, Chan Wai, Human Ip Hiu Man, etc., from prose to poetry.
  • Includes an exquisite San Po Kong’s Treemap with labels of trees and landmarks.
  • Delicate and lively illustration of trees and plants by artist June Ho.
  • Hong Kong history told by local residents with interviews conducted by The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage. A nostalgic flashback of Kai Tak history.
  • Includes an open submission of articles, showing works by rising young writers such as F. Y. Gabriel, WONG Ho-wai Tomaz etc. Featuring diversified and unique works.
  • Recommended by other renowned writers and scholars: Canny Leung, Dung Kai Cheung, Fan Sin Piu, Pong Yat Ming, Uncle Hung, Wong Nim Yan.

“By the Trees – San Po Kong” is now in bookstores around the town!

Price: $130