Community Event
Sports Date 2023

“Embrace change, become the better person you want to be.”

Caring for the physical and mental wellness of urbanites is the annual theme of In Time Of 2023’s programme “Sports Date”. In addition to promoting health, exercise can also improve stress resistance.  To encourage the community to participate in sports, “In Time Of: Sports Date” will organise a series of sports events at TKO Plaza, The Mills and AIRSIDE of Nan Fung Group. 

Starting from March 2023 onwards, various activities have been kicked off, including “Loserity @TheMills” and “Health Balance Team @TKO Plaza” that focus on the wellbeing of office workers and labourers and silver-age group respectively. “In Time Of: Sports Date” will collaborate with sports team and NGOs to organise workshops for jersey-making and “Mind Maps” creations. Join us and be a better you!

Loserity -- Lost & Found
Guided Tour
The Sparkling and Swaying Snow